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The Irurtia winery is born with the arrival of Basque Don Lorenzo Irurtia to Carmelo, Uruguay during the second half of XIX Century. His passion for good wines and his laborious dedication to the vine cultivation gave their fruits with the first harvest of 1913.

Don Lorenzo found in Carmelo the stone mount where thousand of inmigrants just like him were looking in these lands of freedom and order the opportunity to stablish with their families. For some of them was the dedication to the preparation of cobble, to Don Lorenzo was the beginning in the vine farming, taking into advange the wonderful possibilities given by the stone, quaternary rocks covered with limestone soil. The Irurtia Winery had been born. Time passed by and five of the eight Irurtia -Etchenique siblings Miguel, Antonio, Carmelo, Natalia y Francisca exclusively dedicated to the vineyard and the small winery.

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